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STR Protected

Photovoltaic Solar Module Reliability
and Durability


Choosing solar modules made with the right solar encapsulant is the most important decision a developer or project owner will make.  Module longevity is increased when properly assembled using the best solar encapsulant.


STR ProtectedSpecialized Technology Resources, Inc. (STRI) is a global leader in encapsulant technology for the solar module industry. STR has been manufacturing encapsulants for more than 30 years with zero field failures. Our products offer distinct competitive advantages that increase the bankability of our customers' modules and the IRR of developers and project owners.


Given the high capital investment required to build solar projects and a module lifetime expectancy of more than two decades, it is critical to select a module brand that is “Bankable” in order to increase the lifetime power generation of the solar modules. STR believes that its ability to cite performance data over a multi-decade time frame serves to remarkably improve a module manufacturers’ bankability. solar architecture


Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) has been the primary material used in solar encapsulants for the last few decades. STR PHOTOCAP® EVA is the only encapsulant technology with a proven track record of maintaining durability, adhesion, stability and transparency after more than 25 years of field exposure.


STR not only offers encapsulant with proven superior performance, but we work directly with our customers to improve their lamination processes and in turn, improve the quality of their modules, increase yield and reduce costs.


STR has been at the technology forefront of the solar encapsulant business for three decades by continually increasing the value of its products. It is abundantly clear that STR offers a level of technical and customer service unmatched by the competition. In addition to selling a premium product, STR also "sells its engineers and scientists.”

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