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STR Protected

STR Protected Benefits


The table below clearly displays the benefits of using STR PHOTOCAP® Encapsulants.



Solar Module Component

Function of STR PHOTOCAP® EVA Encapsulant

Benefits of Being STR Protected™


Mechanical Stress Load Management

STR encapsulant minimizes stress load to cells; provides a thermal expansion buffer and absorbs stress to prevent cell cracking as well as module deformation. Bonds cells to glass.

PV Cell

Electrical Isolation

STR encapsulant has high volume resistivity to minimize current leakage; high dielectric strength.

High Light Transmission

STR encapsulant maintains clarity and is optically designed to allow a broad band of light transmission.

Dimensional Stability

STR encapsulant does not move or shrink during lamination preventing void formation over cells, movement of cell strings, and cell breakage.

Mechanical Protection

STR encapsulant physically isolates the cells and can absorb stresses that lead to cell cracking.

PV Ribbon

Electrical Isolation

STR encapsulant is compatible with most surfaces to maintain high dielectric strength.


Back Sheet

Strong Adhesion

STR encapsulant helps to protect the backsheet from yellowing; bonds cells to backsheet.

Chemically Compatible

With Tie-Layers

STR encapsulant bonds well to the backsheet.

Physical Robustness

STR encapsulant provides a level of cut/tear resistance along with high bond strength.

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