Cost and Throughput


Lower Raw Material Costs and Increase Throughput Using STR Protected Products!

Raw Material Savings - Module producers know that raw material costs account for nearly half of the module manufactured cost. STR encapsulants help to lower raw material costs in many ways. STR manufactures encapsulants using a proprietary no shrink process known as "User Friendly" (UF) technology. No shrinkage will save you money in these three areas:


  • No cell movement, or breakage, during lamination
  • No air bubbles, or void formations, to maintain electrical insulation properties
  • Use less encapsulant on a square meter basis (less "overhang" on the glass)


STR PHOTOCAP® encapsulant maintains dimensional stability during processing and lamination.


STR Photocap® EVA on the left compared to competitor EVAs


STR PHOTOCAP® encapsulant on the left compared to competitor encapsulants


Module Throughput and Efficiency Improvements- Module manufacturing throughput and efficiency is another story. Improving module lamination cycle times actually lowers manufacturing fixed costs and minimizes capital investment of more laminators. By using STR's new mega-fast EVA encapsulant PHOTOCAP® 15455, you can reduce module lamination cycle-time by 30%. The diagrams below show typical cycle times between two of STR's EVA encapsulants. Diagram 1 shows a typical cycle time for  Photocap® 15420 ultra fast cure EVA encapsulant. Diagram 2 shows a typical cycle time for PHOTOCAP® 15455.


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By the proper selection of encapsulant, lamination cycle times drop and module manufacturing throughput increases.  It's all about the COST/WATT!


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